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Health Bulletins
June, 2011

Health Tips For Children


Healthy habits should be instilled in a person during childhood, and their importance needs to be taught in a gentle manner. With time and care, children are bound to understand the importance of healthy habits. Below is a basic compilation of tips related to kids’ health, which will help them learn to look after themselves during their growing years.


Health Tips for Kids

1. Teach your child the importance of a healthy routine; the day should always start with a healthy breakfast.


2. Fruits and green vegetables are very important for a healthy diet. Make it interesting by having fresh fruit juices or fruit salads to break the monotony.


3. Parents must ensure that their child has plenty of water and fluids during the day. Make sure your child carries a bottle of fresh juices to school.


4. Kids should know the importance of exercise at an early age by being taught a few basic exercises that can be done at home. As they grow up, these routines will naturally form a part of their life.


5. Youngsters should learn things such as the need to wash hands before and after meals. Children will then surely make this a part of their routine once the importance of personal hygiene is understood.


6. Dental care should begin at an early age. Brushing teeth twice daily is needed for clean and healthy looking teeth.


7. Parents also need to make sure their children get the appropriate amount of sleep. Each child needs a healthy balance of play and rest.


These health tips will help keep your child fit and smiling throughout the day!

Weight Loss Psychology


Energy, either physical or mental, can be called the life blood of every individual. It has been observed that a physically and mentally energetic person surpasses all kinds of difficulties easily, and excels in life. All energy healing techniques and therapies are aimed at reducing stress, anxiety and providing physical, as well as mental relaxation. They not only provide relief from chronic pain and illness, but also help in releasing negative beliefs and emotions. The objective of energy healing therapy is to make a person confident and relaxed.


Types of Energy Healing


There are different types of energy healing therapies used today such as, Reiki, Quantum touch technique, Polarity therapy, and Deep breathing techniques, and we will be discussing two of them below:


Reiki is an effective energy healing technique used for stress reduction and relaxation. It has been applied to boost the innate energy that helps promote health, well being, prosperity and long life. There are seven chakras of energy: the head, third eye, throat, heart, naval area, lower abdomen and base or last bone in the spinal cord. Under the practice of Reiki, physical and mental healing takes place through practitioners laying hands above the

recipient, in sync with head and heart chakra.


Deep breathing techniques like yoga and meditations are also fruitful, and can help reduce health hazards like acid reflux disease, heart disease, diabetes, headache, depression, and obesity.


There’s a saying that a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Therefore, it is necessary for every individual to retain a healthy body in order to gain peace of mind.

The Top Three Health Risks for Men


By: Dr. Mutaz Abdelhadi

Head of Pre-Approvals Section

First Insurance Company


1. Heart Diseases

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women, but since men develop heart disease much earlier than women, they are more likely to die from this disease. Conditions like high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure are damaging to the heart; you can reduce your risk of heart disease by choosing to live a healthier lifestyle (no smoking, balanced diet and weight, and exercise).


2. Cancer

The second leading cause of death among males is cancer, particularly lung cancer which is associated with smoking. Prostate and colorectal cancers are the second and third most common cancers and are related to a high fat diet.

In addition to the above, you should limit sun exposure and schedule regular screenings to reduce your risks of cancer.


3. Strokes

The third health risk for men is stroke. It is interesting to note that stroke affects both men and women equally but men have a better recovery rate.

Reducing high blood pressure is the best defense against stroke, as well as healthy dieting, stress management and diabetes control.


You can choose to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods, exercising, quitting smoking, and be sure to get regular checkups and screenings. By following these simple steps, you increase your chances of remaining active and healthy for a long time to come.

Capitals of the World


Feeling confident about your geography knowledge? Try solving the quiz below and test your knowledge around the capital cities of the world.


1. What is the capital of Albania?


2. What is the capital of Colombia?


3. What is the capital of Finland?


4. What is the capital of Jamaica?


5. What is the capital of Luxembourg?


6. What is the capital of Maldives?


7. What is the capital of Monaco?


8. What is the capital of Uruguay?

Men’s Health Awareness Month


The purpose of Men’s Health awareness month is to heighten the understanding of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys. This month gives healthcare providers, public policy makers, the media, and individuals an opportunity to encourage men and boys to seek regular medical advice and early treatment for disease and injury.


Here are some tools that will help you create a Men’s Health month event unique to where you live:


“Wear Blue Day”

• Plan a “Wear Blue Day” to help spread the knowledge of Men’s Health Awareness Month.


Fundraisers for Prostate Cancer

• Plan a fundraiser for Men’s Health prostate cancer outreach efforts.


Create Awareness for Men’s Health

• Bring your coworkers or neighbors together to be healthy and active. Some activities could include: walking, tennis, cycling, and hiking.

• Write an opinion article about men’s health and how it affects the entire family, and submit it to your local newspaper.


Although men may be genetically predisposed to a greater risk of specific diseases, much of their decrease in life span is caused by a failure to practice beneficial lifestyle habits, including paying attention to health and nutrition, exercising, and receiving regular health and wellness checkups.


Men’s Health Awareness Month provides a much needed reminder to males of all ages to take an active role in their health and wellness, in order to fulfill tomorrow’s promise of extra years spent in optimum physical condition.

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